Reducing the CO2 emissions your car produces isn’t just better for the environment – it’s also good news for your vehicle and your wallet, delivering enhanced performance and significant savings on fuel. If you’re keen on reducing carbon emissions released from your vehicle, read on to understand how this can be achieved and reap the benefits.

What Does The Term ‘Low-Emission’ Mean For Cars?

A low-emission car is simply one that doesn’t produce as much nitrous oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from its tailpipe as other models do. Vehicles get ranked on a scale that ranges from “extremely high” to “extremely low”, fully electric cars however, produce zero emissions.

Is My Car Low Emission And How Can I Find Out?

If you’re looking to check low emission car features, it’s very simple. You can find your vehicle’s emissions rating listed in its dedicated V5C registration certificate, sometimes called a logbook. Alternatively, you can locate details for emissions and fuel consumption for both used and new vehicles on the Government’s Vehicle Certification Agency website.

How Can Green Garage Help Me Reduce My Car’s CO2 Emissions?

If you want to find out how to reduce CO2 emissions coming from your car, a Green Garage Network member can help. An integral part of each service we perform involves removing any harmful contaminants that has collected inside your vehicle’s fuel system and engine over time. This comprehensive service will result in your car producing lower emissions and also improve its fuel economy.

We provide an emission guarantee that is backed by Tec4 and ensures that a vehicle’s harmful emissions will not only be lower following a service, but will remain low. If you should find that your vehicle fails its emission check-up within six months of your service with us, for no additional charge, we’ll re-treat your vehicle.

Low tyre pressures can cause a vehicle’s engine to work much harder, so additionally, we’ll also enhance your car’s fuel economy by correcting its tyre pressure. After we’ve changed over your old oil and have replenished it with a fresh supply, we’ll recycle your used engine oil for you. This will make certain it is responsibly disposed of and doesn’t end up polluting
our environment.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier garage that will increase your fuel efficiency and reduce the negative effect your vehicle has on our world, click here today.

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