Frequently asked questions:

Why should I choose the Green Garage Network?

The leading reason our customers choose us is to lower the environmental impact of their vehicle. We do this by carrying out specific checks and using purpose-designed products to reduce the volume of particulate matter released by car exhausts, and, at the same time, to remove the accumulation of organic contaminants that can impede engine efficiency, leading to greater fuel use. This has the effect of saving money, saving fuel and saving the planet.

How does your green service reduce emissions?

Petrol, diesel and lubrication oil are manufactured from organic matter. As the engine operates – through internal combustion – contamination is created which builds upon key components within the engine as you drive.

The build-up of contamination leads to a reduction in engine efficiency and an increase in particulate matter released into the atmosphere through your exhaust, one of the leading causes of environmental and health risks from car exhaust. By treating your engine with specialist cleaning agents that strip out these contaminants, the volume of harmful particles clogging up your engine is reduced, lowering your car’s potential to pollute the environment.

How can the Green Garage Network save me money?

The build-up of contaminants also lowers engine efficiency, which reduces fuel economy and increases the cost of driving. By deep cleaning and optimising your engine, you’ll find your fuel goes further, costing you less money to drive the same distance. Removing contaminants also reduces pressure on key engine components, lowering the risk of failure and costing you less on repairs and breakdowns over the lifetime of your car.

What products do you use?

Our Green Garage Network members use the Tec4 range of advanced engine treatments and oil lubricants. These treatments are specifically formulated to lower a vehicle’s carbon footprint AND improve engine efficiency. We have a variety of products available to treat different types of engine and vehicle.

How else do you reduce environmental impact?

As well as our engine treatments, each service includes a tyre pressure check and optimisation. Well-balanced tyres place less strain on the engine and allow it to work more efficiently, lowering both emissions and fuel costs. We also ensure that all lubricating oil and engine oil is recycled sustainably, and, in instances where this is not possible, to ensure safe disposal without risk of the oil harming the environment.

Is a service conducted by a Green Garage Network member as effective as a service from a franchised main dealer?

Yes. Green Garage Network members all service vehicles up to the vehicle manufacturers standard. They also provide a wide range of testing, repair and additional maintenance services. Each member is carefully selected for their commitment to customer service and quality delivery.

Since 2003, independent garages have access to the same level of technical information as franchised main dealers, so are able to offer the same level of quality and technical expertise. Recent studies have shown that in many cases a vehicle service conducted by an independent garage is often carried out to a higher standard than at franchise main dealer.

Will choosing a Green Garage Network member to service my car affect my warranty?

No. Under EU (and UK) rules on car block exemptions, you are completely entitled to use the services of an independent garage without it affecting the warranty cover on your car.

What types of vehicles do you service?

Green Garage Network members are qualified to work on most types of vehicle, including petrol, diesel, biofuel and hybrid cars. Some of our members also provide a service for motorcycles, vans, work, and leisure vehicles. Please check with your local garage.

What does a service cost?

Typically, a service conducted by a Green Garage Network member costs 40% less than a comparable service carried out by a franchise main dealer. As with any vehicle service, the price depends on the type of service you need and your type of vehicle. You may simply need an oil and filter change and some basic checks, or you might require the full 50-point industry standard service. Whatever service you choose you can drive away happy in the knowledge that you have reduced your car’s impact on the environment.

All Green Garage Network members are committed to honest and transparent pricing. Your quotation and final invoice will include an itemised breakdown of the cost of all parts, labour and services. Please check with your local Green Garage Network member for pricing.

What happens when I collect my car?

When your car is ready to collect, you will be issued with your detailed service report and itemised bill as standard. We will also give you an Emissions Guarantee Certificate. If the vehicle fails an emissions test within six months of the service date, we will re-treat your engine at no additional cost.

Please ensure your service record book is rubber stamped before you leave. If you need a new service record we can provide you with a new booklet free of charge. Please check with your garage for payment terms.

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