The Green Garage Network was set up to help car drivers reduce the impact of their vehicle on the environment AND save money by improving fuel efficiency.

We are an association of independent garages, maintenance, repair and servicing companies, united by our shared commitment to environmental sustainability, lowering harmful emissions, increased recycling, and excellent customer service.

Each member garage is accredited to strict sustainability and quality standards, and provides a range of key services to reduce emissions and increase engine performance.

From our head office in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we provide training, information, and personalised advice to our growing network of certified garages around the country.

Our network spans the whole UK and we are recruiting new associates every month.

Every Green Garage Network member is committed to doing 4 things every time they service your car

Emission Reduction

Emission Reduction

As part of every service, we remove the harmful contamination that has built up inside your engine and fuel system. This results in guaranteed lower emissions and improved fuel economy.

Tyre Pressure Check

Tyre Pressure Check

Low tyre pressures can significantly impact a cars fuel economy causing the engine to work harder. On every service we check and correct your tyre pressure.

Emission Guarantee

Emission Guarantee

Your cars harmful emissions will be lower after your service and will remain low. If your car then fails an emission check within 6 months, we will re-treat your car free of charge.(Guarantee is backed by Tec4)

Recycle Old Engine Oil

Recycle Old Engine Oil

We ensure your old engine oil is either sent away for recycling or is disposed of responsibly to ensure it does not pollute the environment.

Our Green Garage Network Low Emissions Guarantee

At the heart of our commitment to our customers and the environment is our Emissions Guarantee:

As part of each service, the oil and fuel system of the vehicle is cleaned to remove harmful deposits that increase emissions and reduce fuel efficiency. You are guaranteed to notice a difference in fuel efficiency as soon as you drive away, and you will notice a long term improvement in fuel economy.

If a vehicle should fail an emissions test within six months of the date of the service, we guarantee to re-clean the internal workings of the fuel system free of charge.

<span>Save</span> <strong>Money</strong>

Save Money

The amount of fuel your engine consumes is impacted by a number of factors. The good news is that you can affect all of them.

The way you drive has the greatest impact. A heavy-footed driver that rushes from one set of lights to the next will consume considerably more fuel than the smooth driver that accelerates gently anticipating the lights and arriving just as they change to green.

Also keep in mind, as you drive your car, particularly around town, contamination will build up inside your engine reducing fuel efficiency by as much as 15%.

When your car needs servicing, choose a Green Garage Network member and they will clean out this harmful contamination as part of your service. Under inflated tyres can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 5% so check these regularly too.

<span>Save</span> <strong>Fuel</strong>

Save Fuel

Where, when and how you choose to maintain your car will have a huge impact on how much it costs to run your vehicle.,

Doing the servicing yourself or worse still putting off the service till later can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Choosing to use a quality independent garage that has signed up to the Green Garage Network as opposed to a franchised main dealer could reduce the service cost by as much as 40%.

What’s more, they will service your car up to the industry standard and ensure your cars fuel efficiency is as good as it can be saving you up to £200 per year in reduced fuel costs.

<span>Save</span> <strong>The Planet</strong>

Save The Planet

Doing your bit to save the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Typically, the amount a Green Garage Network member charges for a service is considerably less than a Franchise main dealer and often less than a comparative local garage.

What’s more Green Garage Network members are committed to reducing your cars impact on the environment. They will ensure your old engine oil is either re-cycled or disposed of responsibly, they will check your tyre pressures to ensure your engine is working no harder than it has to and they will remove the contamination that has built up inside your engine, resulting in a significant reduction in the level of harmful emissions being emitted from your exhaust.

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