A key part of car ownership is learning basic maintenance tasks you can perform at home. While filling your windscreen washer bottle is a popular example, checking tyre pressure is also a vital job.

But how can you do this?

Step By Step Guide To Checking Your Tyre Pressure

If you follow the below steps on how to check tyre pressure, you should find it a breeze:

1. Make sure you have a pressure gauge to hand which uses the same units of measurement given for your vehicle

2. Take the dust cap off the tyre valve (these usually twist off)

3. Place the pressure gauge on the valve stem of the tyre

4. Press the gauge down firmly until the hissing noise stops and take a pressure reading for the tyre

5. Inflate or deflate the tyre as required. The correct pressure for your tyres should be shown on the chassis of your car or in the manufacturer’s handbook. Inflate the tyres with a suitable pump or deflate them by using the tip of a flat-head screwdriver to push against a metal valve stem pin

6. Remember to replace the valve dust caps on the tyre when done

7. Repeat this process for other tyres (including your spare tyre if applicable)

But how often should you check tyre pressure? The best general rule of thumb is to give them a once over every few weeks. It is also key to know when you should check tyre pressure. The best advice is to check tyres when they are cold because tyres get warm as you drive around and the pressure inside them increases, making it harder to get an accurate reading from warmer tyres.

Why Is Keeping Tabs On Your Tyre Pressure Important?

Although you know how to check tyre pressure now, you might wonder why it is so crucial. To begin with, low tyre pressure can cause the engine to work harder and use more fuel. Greater fuel consumption not only costs you more money but also sees more emissions going into the air and more fuel needing to be produced. As a driver who cares about environmental issues, this is a very good reason to check tyre pressure.

Checking your tyres’ pressure is also important in terms of safety. This is because the amount of pressure in your tyres directly impacts key areas, such as how fast you can brake or how accurately your car handles. In addition, incorrect tyre pressure can also lead to blowouts, causing injury or potential collisions with other road users/pedestrians.

Tyre Pressure Check With Green Garage Network

If you still feel unsure about checking your tyre pressure, let the Green Garage Network help. Our network of independent garages and car maintenance companies can do this job for you at every service. Find your nearest Green Garage Network member on our website today or contact us at [email protected] today.

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