Cars account for over 18% of carbon emissions in the country, according to a government report. These numbers are worrying, and it is up to us to change them and make cars more eco-friendly!

Are you committed to reducing carbon emissions? Here are 5 tips on how to make cars more eco-friendly:

Get Your Car Serviced Regularly:

Regular maintenance routines are essential to keep your car running smoothly. They also help it use less fuel and reduce its CO2 emissions. Ensure that you keep up with the crucial routine maintenance services such as replacing tires and spark plugs, changing the oil, and checking your car’s onboard control system for errors.

Switch To Eco-Friendly Car Tyres:

Every key player in the automotive industry does their part in ensuring that motor vehicles are safer for our environment, including tyre manufacturers. They recently started producing eco-friendly tyres using environmentally safer materials such as synthetic rubber blends and silica, making tyres lighter and more robust. They also feature stronger rolling resistance that helps improve fuel mileage and reduce co2 emissions. To make your car eco-friendlier, consider replacing your old tyres with new and improved eco-friendly tyres.

Drive Smoothly:

If you’re searching for how to reduce CO2 emissions, then here’s a straightforward tip. Responsible driving will not only keep you and others safe on the road, but it could also help reduce carbon emissions. It might seem tempting to speed on an empty stretch of the highway, but it’s not worth the risks. Pressing the accelerator hard produces more fumes and causes more wear and tear on your car. Therefore, try and maintain a steady speed while driving. Anticipate the road ahead of you to avoid unnecessary braking and excess fuel consumption.

Don’t Overfill Your Fuel Tank:

Another tip on how to make your car more eco-friendly is to avoid overfilling your fuel tank. Filling your tank after the pump automatically stops increases the chances of harmful vapours escaping from your tank into the air. Your tank needs a little room to allow the fuel to expand, and overfilling it will only damage your car, causing it to perform poorly.

Don’t Keep Heavy Things In Your Car:

Carrying heavy items in your car, will weigh down your car and increase fuel consumption. A heavy vehicle requires you to accelerate harder than usual, so leave the unnecessary cargo at home. The Green Garage Network is a membership of car maintenance and servicing providers committed to reducing vehicles’ impact on the environment.

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