Driving a Petrol or Diesel powered vehicle doesn’t have to cost the earth

When should you service your car?

Most modern cars only need servicing once a year, however older cars may need servicing more frequently.

The manufacturers handbook will set out what is best for your car and detail any additional checks and component replacements that may be needed dependant on age and mileage. If you are in any doubt speak to your nearest Green Garage Network member.

We only partner with quality independent garages that you can trust, they will never recommend work that is unnecessary.

car service


car service

Franchised main dealer or independent garage?

When looking for a garage to service your car there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, should I take my car to a franchised main dealer or a local independent garage.

European commission rules on car block exemption came into full effect in October 2003. This ruling allows independent garages the same access to technical information as the franchised main dealers, more importantly, it forces manufacturers to recognise the work of independent garages in the same way as they would if it were a franchised dealer. This means you can choose to allow an independent garage to service your car and it will not affect the warranty cover on your car.

Recent studies concluded that servicing your vehicle at an independent garage can be up to 40% cheaper and in most cases the independent garage conducted more checks and corrective maintenance on the vehicle than the main dealer would have.


Not all independent garages are the same.

It’s important to check what your service will include. Some garages will simply change your oil and filter and conduct a few cursory checks. Others will carry out a full 50 point “Industry Standard” service ensuring it is serviced up to the manufacturers standard. Price is not always a good guide to how well your service will be carried out. £200 for an oil and filter change is not good value for money whereas £250 for a full 50 point “Industry Standard” service may well be, so check with your garage exactly what is included.

car service

car service

Why choose a Green Garage Network member?

The impact your car has on the environment is significant. Because your car is powered by petrol or diesel and the engine is lubricated using oil, all of which are made from organic matter, contamination builds up on key components within the engine as you drive. This contamination affects engine efficiency, reducing fuel economy and increasing the level of harmful emissions being emitted to the atmosphere. When you choose a Green Garage Network member to service your car, they not only service your car up to the industry standard, they also do four things that ensure the impact your car has on the environment is reduced. This includes cleaning the contamination from inside your engine to restore efficiency and reduce emissions, checking and altering tyre pressures to ensure the most efficient drive, providing you with an emission guarantee and re-cycling your old engine oil.

Collecting your car.

When you collect your vehicle check that the bill is not significantly more than any estimate you were given. Any parts that have been replaced should appear on the bill along with details of how many hours were spent working on your car. Assuming you have chosen a Green Garage Network member you will also be provided with a detailed report on exactly what has been included in the service, together with an emission guarantee. Ensure your service record booklet has been stamped. If you have lost your service record you will be provided with a Green Garage Network service book free of charge.

car service


What if I am not happy with the service I received?

Sometimes things go wrong!

If you are not happy with the service you received from your garage, we advise you to contact them direct and explain why you are not happy.

Most garages welcome your feedback and would rather have the chance to put things right than lose you as a customer.

If you have chosen a Green Garage Network member and you are unhappy with the service you received, please feel free to contact us direct on 01246 452 388 and we will mediate with the garage to seek a solution.

All our members are committed to offering the highest standard of care and would not wish to see any customer less than 100% satisfied.

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