What Happens To Your Old Engine Oil


Oil maintains car engines and other machines’ smooth operation. Moving parts generate friction and heat, hence oil is needed to initiate a lubrication layer between moving parts and to diffuse heat successfully.

When oil flows through an engine, it collects impurities such as chemicals, dirt and water. Over time, this results in the oil becoming less effective and, if left for long, this can usher in engine problems. This is why engine oil requires replacement at systematic intervals.

How Do You Dispose Of Your Used Engine Oil?

Used oil contains dangerous contaminants that have the potential to be a dreadful pollutant, not only to waterways but also the environment around us. It takes decades to degrade, affixes to everything it touches and is insoluble. This is why oil has to be disposed of properly. Oil isn’t something that can be easily discarded, poured down a drain or unloaded into the garden.

If you have any used oil or sump oil, store it in a leak-free container and take it to a used oil recycling facility. County council transfer stations take on used oil and might even accept your used oil filters plus oily rags. Garages will also take your used engine oil, taking it off your hands and adding it to their used oil storage. Workshops keep used oil and organise for its collection frequently.

How Is Used Oil Recycled?

Used engine oil can, in fact, be cleaned and reused. The old oil is refined into new oil, lubricants, fuel oils and used for raw materials. The old oil also comprises of metals which can be recycled. The refining process is:

• Extracting water from the oil by putting it in large settling tanks, which allows separation of the oil from water.
• The oil is filtered and demineralised to remove any inorganic material, solids and certain additives existing in the oil, giving a cleaner burner fuel for further refining
• The following stage is propane de-asphalting to extract the heavier bituminous fractions, bringing forth re-refined base oil
• Finally, the oil is distilled to produce re-refined oil suitable for usage as a lubricant, hydraulic or transformer oil.

In conclusion, if you care about your carbon footprint you will not dispose of your used engine oil carelessly. At the Green Garage Network, we will be of service and take your old oil for disposal to maintain a clean and safe environment. The used oil is cleaned, refined then reused, meaning there is no dumping or wastage. The next time you need an oil change, come to our garages and we will service your car, lowering harmful emissions and improving your engine performance. Contact us for more information.

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