Road trips are great fun and allow you to explore different parts of the country with family and friends. Compared to trains, buses or flights, road trips in your car put you in control. This means you not only set the destination and schedule but also have the flexibility to stop off where you like as you go. While you may think road trips are for summer only, they are great fun in winter too.

There are many fine roads, routes and drives you can enjoy around the UK when winter arrives. You may even have your own top ten winter road trip destinations in mind to try out already! Before you narrow it down to the final choice though, why not make sure you consider the options listed below?


The Lake District is one of the prettiest parts of the UK. Winter is actually the best time to go as you will avoid the huge crowds which summer normally brings. One great road trip is around gorgeous Lake Windermere. This is England’s biggest lake and a drive around it not only takes in the chill waters of the lake itself but also the quaint towns and snow-covered mountains which line the way.

Cornish Peninsula

Another place which can be quieter and much more enticing to drive around in winter is the Cornish Peninsula. This is a breath-taking route and makes for a road trip you will never forget. On one side, the wild ocean batters the rugged cliffs and you get far-reaching views out to sea. On the other side, the snow-covered countryside rolls gently into the distance.


Snowdonia is a must for any winter road trip planner. Although most people only know it for its hiking trails, it is also great for driving around. Of course, it is spectacular Mount Snowdon with its majestic peaks and raw beauty which is the main attraction. In truth though, all of the historic buildings and twinkling landscapes across Snowdonia really come into their own over winter.

Northern Scotland

Any winter road trip UK residents may be considering must deliver outstanding views and a sense of adventure. Northern Scotland has all this and more! A gentle drive up the A9 takes you to Dunnet Head, which is the most Northerly point in mainland UK. If you are into wildlife, parking up here gives you the ideal chance to spot animals and birds which flock to our shores each winter. This is also a spot in the UK where you can see the fabulous Northern Lights. Combined with huge mountains and rolling moors, it is a great route to try.

Get A Tune Up First Via The Green Garage Network

Many drivers now will want to do their bit to help the planet when behind the wheel. This is key when planning a Winter road trip which could see you putting in the miles. With this in mind, a great way to enjoy yourself responsibly is finding a Green Garage Network garage to check your car over before you leave.

This will ensure the tyres are inflated correctly and your fuel system is free from contamination, all of which will mean your car has less impact on the environment as you drive. Check the location finder on our website today for your nearest Green Garage Network service or garage.

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