Being able to get around in a car is crucial to most people’s daily lives. Winter is now fast approaching, and this can bring its own problems when travelling on UK roads.

Snow, dark nights, wind and ice combine with chillier temperatures to make driving tricky at this time of year. Of course, winter can also see cars breaking down or drivers stuck in huge traffic jams on impassable roads. Therefore, it is wise to have a winter survival kit for your car. This kit will mean you can stay safe and comfortable if needs be until you get going again.

But what should be in it?

De-Icer And Ice Scraper

Come winter, you can never be sure if your windows and windscreen will be iced over. This makes having an ice scraper and de-icer in your kit to restore visibility a must.


Winter weather can often see you arriving at or leaving from any destination when it is pitch black outside. It is therefore sensible to carry a torch (and spare batteries!) with you to light the way.

Charged Up Smartphone

One of the major issues with driving in winter is how unpredictable it can be. Having a fully charged smartphone is therefore one of the best winter driving essentials. This allows you to contact people if you need help and also let loved ones know if you will be delayed.

Details Of Your Route Or A Sat Nav

You will not always be driving a familiar route and this can be even trickier with the poor visibility winter brings. It is wise to either print out details of the route or set up your sat nav in advance, so you don’t get lost.


Sunglasses are definitely worth having in a winter survival kit for your car. Low sun at this time of year can be an issue and dazzle you. To make sure you can always see properly, sunglasses are a must.

First Aid Kit

When it comes to winter driving essentials, a first aid kit (with things like plasters or sterile wipes) is vital. This ensures you can treat any minor injuries which slipping, falling or skidding could bring.

A Fuel Can Which Is Empty

At any time of the year, lots of breakdowns are actually caused by the fuel in people’s vehicles running out. Your winter car rescue kit, therefore, should have an empty fuel can inside – just in case!

Foldable Shovel

If the snow really comes down heavy, then you may well find your vehicle needs digging out. A foldable shovel is a good item to carry so you can do this anytime you have to.

Blanket, Hat And Warm Coat

One of the key things to pack is a blanket and warm clothes. If you get stranded in winter weather, help might not arrive for hours. It is vital to stay warm if this happens and ensure you are not at risk from the cold.

Make Sure To Protect Your Vehicle As Well

Although it is not something to pack in your winter car rescue kit, getting your car checked over before winter really is wise. This will ensure it’s in good shape to handle whatever winter brings. A winter service will also be better for the environment. This is because your car will be set-up and serviced to operate in a more efficient, greener way. From having the right tyre pressure to cleaning out the contamination in your fuel system, it will make a real difference.

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