As the year begins to draw to a close, winter is fast approaching. This is a wonderful time for most people, with Christmas, New Year and time off work to enjoy. It can prove trickier on the roads though and bring treacherous driving conditions with it. It is therefore vital to pick up some winter driving tips in advance and stay safe when travelling in the colder months. This usually comes down to knowing how to drive in ice, fog and rain.

But what are the best tips for handling these conditions?

Driving In Ice

When it comes to winter, it is driving on ice which most people fear. This is understandable as icy roads mean your car has less grip and can see it slide around. The major thing is remembering to drive steadily and to avoid braking heavily. Breaking too hard is a real no-no on ice as it will simply see you skid.

By slowing down, you have more time to react to what is happening and do not have to brake as much. Of course, slowing down is also better for the environment. This is because you use less fuel when driving in this manner and chuck out fewer emissions.

Driving In Foggy Conditions

When it comes to winter driving tips, knowing how to handle fog is essential. This is commonly seen in the UK and can cut visibility down drastically for motorists.

So, how can driving in fog be done safely? The first thing is knowing how to put your fog lights on and making sure you do it before you set off in thick fog. It is also crucial to take your time when driving in fog and really focus on the road in front, so you pick up on any vehicles ahead in plenty of time.

Driving In The Rain

Although it is ice and fog which people mostly associate with winter driving, rain is still an issue. Wet conditions see stopping distances at least double – which means you have to drive sensibly and take this into account. Give the vehicle in front lots of room and do not tailgate them. If you don’t and they have to brake suddenly, you will have no chance of stopping in time.

Spray is also something to know about when driving in the rain. Water and grime from the road gets thrown up by car tyres in these conditions. This can see your visibility reduced by a filthy windscreen. To guard against this, ensure your wipers are working properly and that your sprayer bottle is filled up.

Top Winter Driving Tips From The Green Garage Network

Here at the Green Garage Network, we are committed to helping UK motorists drive not only more safely but also in a greener way. Sensible driving in cold weather often means slowing down and taking your time. As we have already noted, this is great for the planet too as it means you use less fuel. Getting your car checked to make sure it is ready to handle the upcoming weather is also wise. This not only avoids breakdowns but also means your car will operate in a greener, more efficient way.

The Green Garage Network of garages, independent repair shops and service providers can help with this. Use the location finder on our website today to find the one closest to you.

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