The very simple answer is yes, electric cars are good in the winter. The car will still be smooth and fun to drive even in the wintry conditions.

The overall range of the electric vehicle will be reduced slightly in the winter, but the smooth electric motor means that driving the electric car can often be easier and safer than a normal vehicle. Another feature that an electric car has to make it an easy drive in winter is that the majority have a pre-heat feature which warms the vehicle up for you before you get in – so you won’t have to freeze for ten minutes at the start of your journey!

Electric Cars In Winter: Design Details

Believe it or not, electric cars are often at an advantage in wintry conditions such as ice and snow. This is because there are no gears in an electric car and with the ultra-smooth motor, the car is a lot less likely to slide and slip in the road when accelerating. The tyres on the electric cars are often very narrow eco tyres with great grip, which is a benefit when driving on icy roads.

The electric car also uses what is known as regenerative braking. This is where the car will progressively slow down – instead of jolting to a sudden halt – and it uses the motion of the car wheels to charge up the batteries again. This allows for a much smoother and safer braking experience.

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